BEARTRAP has recently recorded their second album, with special guest Walter White. We are currently in the mixing process. Stay Tuned! 

Moved to Brooklyn

As of Mid February I'm living in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. I'm excited fo this new chapter in my musical and existential journey. 

While I'm getting my career going on the east coast, check out one of my several recent musical releases here! 

I will also be active on my instagram account, found here

The Lectures EP

Dr. Radical & Balter Black present the Lectures EP.

A little pet project put together by myself and a great friend of mine, Nathan Bieber.

Find out what happens when a classical violinist / conductor and a multi-instrumentalist "jazz" composer collaborate to make an experimental EDM EP. 


~ Release Date Feb 1st ~ 

Beartrap Releases their Debut Record

Beartrap is a Detroit-based band I co-founded May 2018. Members include Stuart Lyons, Jason Didia, David Dunham & Jeff Cuny. 

Our goal with Beartrap was to create something new and unique. From May 2018 onwards we got together at least once a week to rehearse and find our sound.


After dozens of shows, I'm pleased to announce that Beartrap has found their sound. January 14th we release our debut record on CD, and Jan 22nd it will be on all streaming platforms. 

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Back in June, I attended the 2018 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead, lead by Jason Moran. It was an incredible experience and I used it as an opportunity to experiment with different ways of composing.

At the time I was very interested in Ligeti, Bach, and Indian Classical Music. I was also interested in the concept of sonic elasticity, i.e. How to make sounds morph into others. I wanted to write a piece that incorporated a bit off everything into it. I wanted to write a piece that challenged myself and others. I wanted to write a piece that represented something I was trying to further incorporate into my life, i.e. Mindfulness. 

Although mindfulness meditation in recent years has been fetishized and commodified a lot,  I feel I couldn't have been anymore honest to myself than writing a piece representing a single breath. 

The composition starts with a few minutes of an ever-growing dark landscape, created by the sound of gongs, tams, and the piano. I then used the idea of "themes" for the left and right hand of a piano, and used this to orchestrate an entire piece for 4 Horns, Piano, Guitar, Electronics, Bass, Drums, and Gongs.

The upwards movement of the left hand is constant throughout as well as the sonic cluster that leads from consonant to dissonant throughout the piece. The melody leads with piano, and is taken over and elaborated on by the Horns. 

After my "test-trial" run of Meditations at Betty Carter Jazz Ahead, I decided to revise the piece and recreate it for recording. With the generous help of Tracking and Mastering Engineer Dave Schall, as well as the amazing musicians (Ellen Tsai-Wei Sirower, David Dunham, Stuart Lyons, Aidan Cafferty, Andrew Grossman, Jason Didia, Joey Wright, & Peter Formanek ), the piece truly came to life. 

If you're curious about this piece, check it out on iTunes or Spotify. You can also download it here!

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